SkyTeam Airlines: discounts on flights for CLMPST 2019

We are pleased to announce that all CLMPST participants are eligible for a discounted flight ticket on any of the SkyTeam airlines (for the complete list see
The discounts range between 5 and 15 %, depending on the airline and the booking class.
You may view the fares by opening and entering the code “4106S” into the “Attend a Global Meeting” box. By selecting your point of origin and the dates of your arrival and departure you will be able to view all the various offers provided by all members of SkyTeam which operate on those routes. The system will only allow bookings between 29th of July and 17th of August (those are eligible for the discount).
To avoid possible complications, we strongly suggest switching the language of the website to English (top right corner).
If you experience issues in the process of searching for flights, we suggest trying different web browsers and changing the language of the website to English (top right corner). However, should your issues persist, please use the “Email us a question” button under the “For attendees” heading, found on the left of the website after you unsuccessfully attempt a flight search. Please note that we will not able to help you with any technical issues that may occur during the booking process.